Farming Revolution

Travel to various farms to show firsthand how impacted their lives have been by recent events (from the farmer’s perspective).
Highlight the various challenges each farm/farmer faces & how they are working to overcome it:

  • Racial & Gender Equality
  • Engaging the next generation
    • Show the farm as a family enterprise
  • Preventing child labor
  • Addressing climate change
    • Sustainability is not always economically feasible
  • Helping farmers to cut out the middle-man
  • Teach farmers:
    • Intercropping (farmers cannot survive on coffee alone)
      • Agronomic studies to determine which crops are suitable
      • Poultry
      • Eggs 
    • Record keeping
    • Pest control techniques
    • Avoid dependency upon ICP
    • Show, don’t just tell the farmers
  • Educate Consumers 
    • Show also how consumers can help make a difference
    • “Every cup makes a difference.”
    • “We need more long-term relationships between the farmers, processors, roasters, baristas, and consumers.”

Film various farmers holding a bag of various partner coffees while thanking viewers for buying THEIR coffee and supporting their family & farm.

Budget & Planning:


  • 4 Weeks Pre-Production
  • 6 Weeks Production (travel and filming)
  • 13 Weeks Post-Production (8 for DJ)
  • Production fee for writing, producing, and directing this project from start to finish would be – €45.000 



  • 6-Weeks for a videographer during Production
  • @ €700 per day = €21.000



  • Europe
    • 3x Transit to EU Destinations = €600
    • 2 Rooms for 1 week = €600
    • Food = €500
  • Kenya
    • 3x Airfare to Kenya = €1.500
    • 2 Rooms for 1 week = €200
    • Food = €300
  • Uganda
    • 3x Transit to Uganda = €800
    • 2 Rooms for 1 week = €200
    • Food = €300
  • Honduras
    • 3x Transit to Honduras = €3.000
    • 2 Rooms for 1 week = €200
    • Food = €300



Sound Design:

  • 2-Weeks = €7.000

Music Scoring:

  • 3-Weeks = €10.500

Color Grading:

  • 1-Week = €3.500


SUB-TOTAL: €95.500
+ a 25% Contingency

GRAND TOTAL = €120.000 for writing, filming, and editing this film.

Marketing and Promotion

At this point, each additional video can be made for approximately €500 per minute.

Therefore, 5 x 1-minute videos would cost €2.500

This is such a low cost because I would edit them personally, and I would only charge a day rate of €500.

I would push myself to finish 1-minute of polished video in one day, which would be possible after editing the documentary, as I would have all of the footage intimately in mind.

In fact, a good option would be to have a week or more of delay between the first rough edit and the final editing phase.

This delay could be filled with editing short videos and creating a “viral campaign” to build interest and an audience in the lead-up to our release date.

This viral campaign would consist of:

  • Releasing short “viral videos” each week for 4-weeks
  • Encouraging people to share the video with their friends
  • Use of Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising Campaigns to get more views on our short videos
  • Capturing email addresses of those interested in the release of the film
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